Daniel Daugbjerg's Portfolio


Hello! I'm Daniel Daugbjerg

Welcome To My Project Portfolio!

About Me

I am a student majoring in computer science at the University of San Diego in the graduating class of 2025. I am originally from Marin County in the Bay Area.

My strongest programming languages are Java, Python, and C. I am also familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which were used to create this portfolio. I have always had a great interest in creative thinking and problem-solving, making computer science a significant part, not only in my academics, but in my personal life and hobbies as well, which is showcased in my projects.


Here are some projects that showcase my skills and what I've accomplished as a programmer so far. Their source code is provided using Github and my Github profile is linked at the bottom of the page.

3D Mobile Game "Daily Disc"

This is my current project with a colleague, which is 3D mobile game where the user throws a disc and tries to score in the nets in as few throws as possible. New island/level every day through random noise generation. The goal is to release a beta testing version by the end of the summer and release the game within the following few months. The final version will contain 100% original assets and coding with Godot.

Texas Hold'em Bot

Program that generates thousands of data files from simulated Texas Hold'em games and saves the data into 4 csv files. Each csv file is then transferred to a Pandas dataframe and fitted to their 4 respective perceptron machines that each predict a specific stage of Texas Hold'em (preflop, flop, turn, river).

2D Videogame Demo with Godot

Basic 2D game including original animated sprites that collide, interact with each other, and take in user input. Built with the Godot Game Engine, coded with GDscript (similar to Python), and tested with Godot Unit Test extension.

Wordle with Tkinter

Game replicating the popular game, Wordle, with Python and the Python GUI, Tkinter. Contains different settings for games and keyboard.

Single Layer Perceptron

Single layer perceptron that takes in matrix input and outputs a vector classifying that matrix based on previous training of weights. Comes with example files showing matrices representing letters that the perceptron can then recognize during testing.

Art Website

Simple art website for a my personal art brand containing links to socials, an art gallery with a randomly generated layout of art pieces, and a setup for a future online store.